Three students of the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering have emerged winners of the undergraduate and postgraduate category of the 2021 Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) student paper competition. 

The students clinched the title following a presentation of their research paper titled “Food-Energy-Water Nexus: Food Waste Recycling Systems”. 

The paper discussed the use of food waste to provide biogas for energy production and water for irrigation purposes. 

The authors, Matthew Nana Kyei Siaw and Yaw Obeng Okofo Dartey, both reading MPhil Computer Engineering and Elizabeth Ayaw Oduro-Kwarteng received $400 each. 

The competition saw entries from Ghana, Algeria, Malawi, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda.

The winning paper revealed that a mechanical press could be used for extracting liquid from food waste, after which the extracted liquid is treated for irrigation. 

The residue obtained from the press is also used for energy production after being kept under anaerobic conditions. 

The IEEE Power Africa Conference is a forum that provides research scientists, engineers and practitioners the opportunity to present and discuss latest research findings, ideas and emerging technology in power systems integration, business models, technological advances, policies and regulatory frameworks for Africa. 

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