New President of the Ghana Boxing Authority, Abraham Kotei Neequaye wants to have an inclusive team with heavy focus on the youth.

Neequaye will lead the Ghana Boxing Authority as its President

This comes after he polled 54 votes to beat Dr Henry Manly-Spain who polled 46 votes at the Mudor Conference Hall of the Trust Sports Emporium in Accra.

Neequaye, who served as a second Vice President under the just-ended administration of Lawyer Peter Zwennes says he will consult the latter on the way forward. “We worked together and I am glad to have him as a predecessor. I will seek his wise counsel in all key matters because he has great experience,” he told Joy Sports.

The entrepreneur and politician also plans to include Mr Henry Manly-Spain whom, the beat in the election in the new executive board.

“We are all politicians and and understand what it means to heal after an election. So I will give it some time and extend a hand so he can be part of the process going forward”  he told Joy Sports.

Abraham Kotei Neequaye, prior to becoming President of the Authority, headed the Greater Accra Amateur Boxing Association for four years and also managed former IBO Lightweight champion, Emmanuel Tagoe and current Ghana light champion Michael “One Bullet” Ansah. This election is his first attempt at the Presidency while Mr Manly-Spain is losing a second time. The latter contested and lost to Lawyer Peter Zwennes in the in the 2013 elective congress held at the Accra Stadium.

Mr Rabbon Dodoo is the first Vice President after going unopposed while experienced Referee

Roger Barnor is the second Vice president. Mr Laud Acquaye who also run unopposed is the Treasurer of the GBA.  Referees Michael Neequaye and Shadrack Acquaye, polled 89 and 82 votes respectively, Alhaji Tofiki Muritala (77 votes) and Coach Carl Lokko who polled 69 votes will serve as executive members.

Kotei Neequaye leads Ghana Boxing for the next four years

Other co-opted executive members will be announced by the new executive soon.

Abraham Kotei Neequaye has assured that he will hit the ground running with his policies for the sport immediately after the full board is put in place.

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