The Kpando Municipal Assembly in the Volta Region, has suspended observing of market days to avoid congestion, to curb the spread of the coronavirus. 

The Municipal Chief Executive, Ernest Quist, who disclosed this to JoyNews stressed the security services would partner the assembly to ensure compliance of the directive to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

“We are not observing the market days again, ostensively, what it means is that every day becomes a market day,” he said.

“Where you find about two or three people standing by a seller to buy… you don’t find a situation where people will be fighting for space,” Mr Quist explained adding, the suspension would be extended to the Torkor market as well.

Kpando Municipal Assembly suspends market days to prevent spread of coronavirus
 Municipal Chief Executive of Kpando Ernest Quist

He further indicated that commercial motorbike and tricycle operators, who transport traders and farm produce to the market, agreed to help enforce the directive.

The Kpando Market Queen, Sena Howusu, who was initially against the decision, found reason with the suspension of market days, realising the risk posed by trading in a congested market during the coronavirus pandemic. 

She, therefore, entreated traders across the country who ply their trades in Kpando “to stay back and sell in their home communities” to prevent the spread of the virus. 

The Kpando Municipal Assembly has also intensified education on the virus, set up a quarantine and treatment centre for suspected cases at the Margaret Marquart Hospital and distributed about 100 sets of hand hygiene items to promote frequent handwashing among residents.

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