Three Krobo Municipal and District Assemblies have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with various associations of persons considered vulnerable and fully committing to integrating them in the local governance process.

The signing ceremony comes a few months after the launch of the Democratic Governance project in the Krobo area, a project geared towards increasing participation in the governance process, especially by vulnerable groups.

All three assemblies-Lower Manya Krobo, Upper Manya Krobo and Yilo Krobo- also signed the MOU with traditional leaders in the area to ensure a better representation of the traditional authorities in the assemblies' activities.

Sponsored by the European Union, DANIDA, UKAID and USAID through STAR-Ghana, the project is being executed by Youth and Women Empowerment (YOWE), a local-based NGO.

The project, will among other things, increase by 20% the number of representatives of minority groups (such as PWDs) appointed to the Yilo and the Lower Manya Krobo Municipal Assemblies as well as the Upper Manya Krobo District Assembly.

It also aims at bridging the gap between the traditional councils and the assemblies and promoting a more effective collaboration between the two bodies.

With the signing of the MOU, the assemblies have committed to fully implementing the suggestions and agreement set in the advocacy plans by the traditional authorities and the other groups such as the Market Women/Traders Association and the PWDs.

Among the many action plans set by PWD was for the assemblies to be more transparent in the management of the 2% common fund by giving the PWDs a representation on the fund’s management committee.

The assemblies are also to make it mandatory as demanded by law, for the construction of walkways to enable PWDs have access to public facilities. They are also to provide special disability-friendly places of convenience dedicated to the aged and the PWDs.

Additionally, the assemblies would be collaborating with the Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) to educate their drivers in the three MDAs on the need to assist PWDs and offer them preferential treatment in the course of their duties.

The market women, on the other hand, demanded, among others, that their leadership is consulted during fee fixing and the review of market tolls.

Signing his part, the Chief Executive of the Lower Manya Krobo Municipal Assembly, Frederick J. K. Acolatse said, “The assembly is responsible for promoting the welfare of all particularly those found vulnerable like the PWDs and that is why we are readily embracing this initiative geared towards making life better for the people”.

He lauded YOWE and STAR-Ghana for what he described as a “wonderful initiative” and pledged the support of his outfit to implement the agreements in the MOU.