The youth in Kumasi are been equipped with various technological skills for entrepreneurial and academic purposes. 

NarrowLite International, an international IT company, is organizing a 2-week training programme for them.

The IT company, which was established in 2017, observes only a handful of the Ghanaian population are into various IT disciplines. 

Senior Systems Analyst and Co-founder, Samuel Kwame Adomako, indicated that the company aims at ensuring Ghana is considered one of the top IT countries globally. 

“The company wants to come to an era where if countries like India is said to be a top-notch IT country, Ghana will also be included as the top 10 IT countries in the world. 

“This can be achieved by engaging the youth to teach them basics of IT,” he said. 

He further indicated that the training programme would equip participants with professional IT skills so they can start their own IT businesses. 

“The youth have been crying of high unemployment rate in the country. But, trust me, you need no money to start an IT company. 

“The only tools you need are reliability and loyalty. Being loyal and reliable to your clients and the money will start coming. 

“In the end, participants are to be entrepreneurs and won’t have to depend on government for jobs,” he said.

The training programme seeks to provide the youth with hands-on skills in web development, advanced react and node JS and machine learning. 

A participant, Henrietta Afiyode Teye-Lowo, said she joined the programme to gain hands-on skills in coding as an additional skillset for the course she is pursuing at school. 

“In Civil Engineering, coding is important. It’s a tool that makes calculations easy and can also be used in developing apps specifically designed for civil works,” she said. 

NarrowLite is an international company located in Kumasi, Ghana which provides technological support and assistance to its customers in software development, web design and computer designs. 

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