The Lands and Natural Resources Minister, Nii Osah Mills has said a 20 out of 640 acre land allocated to the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority is enough.

The land, located at La Nkwantanan near Adenta is expected to be used for the installation of the GCAA’s €600,000 equipment.

However, workers of the GCAA are not happy with the development and have threatened to ground all domestic flights on Saturday July 9, 2016.

They had earlier suspended the initial threat of a strike due to a meeting with the Lands Minister to discuss their concerns over airport lands which have been encroached upon.

But the meeting did not turn out as they expected. They indicated after the meeting that the 20 acres of land allocated for the installation of the navigation equipment was inadequate.

They blamed government and the GCAA for doing little to secure the airport lands.

The Lands Minister however disagrees. He told Joy News in an interview that the allocated land is adequate for the intended use.

He said the workers' demands, although understood, is currently needless.

“At this time the important matter that we should focus on is the need to have adequate and sufficient land on which to mount the HF radio equipment which I understand has already been imported.

“There is an urgent need to get on with that and for me that is what we are focusing on at this time,” he added.

He said the rest of the land will be saved for future use.


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