Lands Minister, John Peter Amewu has directed the closure of the School of Survey and Mapping (GSSM) following students’ vandalism last week Monday.

Some students of GSSM went on rampage on May 2, 2017 following claims that the school’s land has been sold for the construction of a shopping mall.

The students destroyed properties belonging to the contractor working on the land as well as that of the Lands Commission.

The Minister at a news conference in Accra Tuesday said the behaviour of the students was unlawful and amounted to a breach of administrative procedures.

He refuted claims that the school’s land has been sold to a private developer by the Lands Commission for the building of a shopping mall. He said part of the land, located near the 37 Military Hospital in Accra, will be used for an office complex for the Commission.

The Student Representative Council (SRC) of the school has said it has been engaging with the Commission to understand what use the land has been put to but discussions have not been open.

Registering his disappointment with the behaviour of the students, Mr Amewu has directed the Lands Commission to shut down the school indefinitely and with immediate effect.

He also directed all students to vacate the school premises as well as hostel facilities without delay.

The Lands Minister has also called on the Commission to ensure that the teaching staff of the school are assigned other duties.

“I further direct that since the project site has been handed over to the contractor unauthorised persons are not to be permitted on the premises,” he said.

Mr Amewu entreated the contractor to ensure the removal of unauthorised structures on the project site and to take full responsibility for the place.