Ghana’s Black Stars trainer, Claude Le Roy says his current experimentation of players of the National Team A would come to a close on Wednesday, November 21.

The Stars are billed for a four-nation tourney between November 17-21 and the coach insists that would mark the commencement of real preparations for the Ghana 2008 African Cup of Nations.

He told GNA Sports that, “the experimentation will stop right after the four-nation’s tournament because after that we will have known who is in and out of the team.

“That day will be exactly a month to the opening of the championship and I know we do not have that much time to keep trying players.”

Le Roy, a believer of gifted players has come under fire from several quarters for trying too many players instead of building a team for the competition that pieces together Africa’s finest 16.

The Frenchman told GNA Sports he reckons that the team has to be ready for the competition that spans January 20-Februay 10 and there would be no excuses to that effect.

Coach Le Roy said only the best players would be paraded to ensure that the tournament diadem is delivered to Ghanaians when the competition ends on Sunday, February 10, at the Ohene Djan Sports Stadium in Accra.

“Winning the Nations’ Cup means playing six games in 20 days and ensuring that you emerge the victors every step along the way.

“And for that matter, I will parade players who can march this standard to ensure we keep the Cup in Ghana”.

Le Roy would select a suitable camping base for the Stars after the draw, which is due to come off the International Conference Centre in Accra on Friday, October 19.

Source: GNA


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