The bond between the University of Ghana local of the National Union of Presbyterian Students’ -Ghana (UG NUPS-G / NUPS-G LEGON) and her alumni is never-ending.

It is for this reason that the NUPS-G makes it a point to celebrate their Alumni every year; hence the Alumni Week/Alumni Sunday.

For alumni of the University of Ghana Local of the National Union of Presbyterian Students – Ghana (NUPS-G), the Homecoming serves as moments of reconnection and socialization.

Held each year, the homecoming has seen increased attendance and strengthened the alumni fraternity.

This year, the event will be held from Monday, March 25 to Sunday 31, on the University of Ghana Campus. The celebration encourages the Alumni to have fellowship with the Chaplains and current members (students) of the Union.

It is also an opportunity for alumni to relive past experiences. The Alumni week/Alumni Sunday also provides the avenue to discuss issues of interest to the union, as well as address challenges and provide solutions to academic issues these students may be facing.

This year's celebration began with a prayer meeting on the Athletic Oval on Monday evening, and Subgroup Meetings on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, there will be a special Feast of Joy session for alumni within the university community in the afternoon, and Daughters of Zion meeting in the evening.

The Midweek Service and Social Media Buzz on will be held on Thursday, and an Alumni Sunday Service to crown the week celebration at the Central Cafeteria.

As part of the Sunday Service, the semesterly harvest will be held to raise funds in aid of purchasing a bus for the union. The program will be held under the distinguished chairmanship of Mr. Kwasi Opoku-Mintah, the president of the Alumni Body.

The weeklong celebrations will see Alumni taking over the entire activities of the Union from conveying members to being resource persons.



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