An Obuasi-based non-governmental organisation, Mama Love Foundation, has reached out to the needy and underprivileged in Obuasi in its “Lend a Hand” charity program this Christmas.

The NGO cooked and served the needy with rice, assorted drinks, hampers, and gifts bags and donated cash to the needy, especially orphans and widows in some parts of Obuasi, during the Christmas festive season.

It was all joy as beneficiaries received the Christmas packages on the streets of Obuasi.

President of the Foundation, Reverend Dr Love Konadu said, they have, over the years, prioritised the needs of the less privileged in society.

“At Mama Love Foundation, we are committed to putting smiles on the faces of the aged, widows and orphans this festive season,” she said.

The Foundation also dashed out capital to set up some beneficiaries to make them dependent.

According to Dr Love Konadu, the Foundation plans to unlock resources and create an enabling environment for young women.

In July this year, Mama Love Foundation, as part of its core mandate, collaborated with the UK-based Obuasi Sikakrom Association to organise a seminar that empowered women, offered seed money to widows and sickle cell patients to set up businesses in Obuasi.

Meanwhile, Chief Executive for Obuasi East, Faustina Amissah, has sponsored this year’s dinner party organized by Mama Love Foundation for girls who benefitted from its apprenticeship program.

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