Liberty Health (South Africa) and Apex Health Insurance (Ghana) have announced a partnership where Liberty Health Cover products are now available through Apex Health Insurance in Ghana. 

This will enable Apex Health Insurance to provide a comprehensive range of products meeting multinational, corporate and SME client needs.

The full range of Liberty Health Cover products has been approved by the regulatory authorities in Ghana.

According to Andrew Schwulst, CEO of Liberty Health, the strategic partnership has been some time in the making and the joint teams will have a values-driven and positive impact on the health ecosystem in Ghana.

“The partnership demonstrates our commitment to making quality healthcare accessible to more residents of West Africa, Ghana specifically, and across the African continent,” said Schwulst.

Liberty Health has established partnerships with local insurers in 27 African countries, enabling employers to have a standardised health insurance solution across the continent.

They settle 96% of all claims directly with providers, with minimal out of pocket expenses for their customers.

Godwin Fafali Setsofia-Tukpeyi, CEO of Apex Health Insurance, Ghana’s top health insurer, explained that from their perspective, “Apex Health Insurance has partnered with Liberty

Health to meet Ghanaian residents’ needs for a range of benefit plans that not only provide in-country cover but plans that also offer access to international benefits. Many of our multinational clients, and government clients have expressed a need for cover across multiple countries in Africa, emergency evacuation, international critical care services, and more choice around international elective treatments.”

“We are committed to providing benefits that offer comprehensive and meaningful cover, value for money, predictable premium increases, and collaborative processes to contain costs for long-term sustainability,” he added.

Currently less than 50% of Africans have access to modern healthcare facilities. This has been made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in millions of people in dire need of access to proper healthcare. Liberty Health has remained robust through COVID-19.

With access to over 7 000 healthcare providers across the continent, and thanks to Apex Health Insurance, over 650 in Ghana, their combined network ensures that employees (members) receive access to quality care when it really counts.

“The available range of healthcare solutions now provides increasing access to various levels of comprehensive cover for employees of multinationals, corporates, and small businesses in Ghana, providing several choices to suit their budgets and needs,” he said.

Mr. Schwulst commented, “these advantages are possible because of the commitment we have made to building and investing in long-term partnerships with all our stakeholders across Africa since 2009. In West Africa, and Ghana specifically, this is true of Apex Health Insurance.”

In closing, Mr. Setsofia-Tukpeyi added: “We are excited about working even closer with Liberty Health to expand access to their wellbeing offering. By empowering people to be as healthy and productive as possible, we help contribute to their individual financial freedom.”

“Liberty Health also has the financial strength, clinical and governance frameworks and tools to help us ensure healthier staff and therefore better business and economic growth. Collectively, this gives members and their employers financial peace of mind, and over time will make Africa healthier.” he explained.

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