How a sex schedule can save your relationship

How a sex schedule can save your relationship
Source: Femina
Date: 05-11-2017 Time: 10:11:46:pm

The very idea of having a sex schedule sounds boring, doesn’t it? Like what, you just tell your partner, ‘Honey, don’t forget! Sex at 10.15 tonight.’? While it does sound a bit dreary, its benefits cannot be ignored. We’ve rounded up five that might just save and spice up your relationship.

It makes sure you have frequent sex

Obvious, but true. Sex is the last thing on our minds thanks to our hectic and tiring lifestyles, and making a sex timetable helps you put everything aside and just get intimate with your partner.

It gives you something to look forward to

Knowing in advance that you will be having sex later in the day is sure to get you excited. As the anticipation increases, you start getting eager to get naked with your SO.

It lets you spend quality time together

In an age where the internet and technology is spoiling even simple things like mealtimes, it gets kind of difficult to find time for romance. But with a sex schedule, you know that the hour you set aside to be together will be spent without any interruptions.

It gives you time to prepare

When you plan sex in advance, you get time to groom yourself, or even plan something new and adventurous. Recreate all the fantasies you’ve secretly wanted to try out and make scheduled sex more amazing.

It does away with rejection and resentments

With a pre-planned and mutually agreed upon sex schedule, there’s no question of one partner saying no to sex, thus making the other feel rejected. Barring illness or unforeseen situations, you and your partner can continue with sexy time and make sure both of you are happy and satisfied.

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