Bride-to-be dies after surgery to look thinner for her wedding day

Bride-to-be dies after surgery to look thinner for her wedding day
Date: 30-11-2018 Time: 02:11:54:pm

A bride-to-be died on the day she was due to try on her wedding dress after a gastric bypass operation went wrong.

Jana Moreels, 25, had wanted to lose weight to fit into her wedding dress so opted to have surgery.

Two weeks later she fell ill on her birthday and fell into a coma from liver failure two weeks later.

Her mother Christelle said: ‘It was during that night that she began to have back pain. We thought she just had taken it a bit too far with drinking.’

Jana continued to be unwell and her body rejected a donor liver. Mrs Moreels said: ‘Four days later the doctors also noticed a leak to the attachment of the gastric bypass which inflamed her abdominal cavity.

Jana Moreels, 25, decided to undergo the surgery after feeling uncomfortable with her body

Jana underwent a heavy surgery. ‘On November 23 Jana got for the second time a new liver. Her body was however so weakened that she did not survive the surgery.

At 2am at night we drove in all haste to the hospital. We were unable to say our final goodbyes.’

She died on November 24, the day she was supposed to choose her wedding dress in her hometowm in Belgium.

Christelle said: ‘On June 29 she would marry. Everything was already arranged. She only needed to choose her dress.

‘Yet instead of choosing her wedding dress, we stood that day at her deathbed.’ Dad Laurent said he felt the need to share Jana’s story to the world to warn people before undergoing a cosmetic surgery for which there is no medical need.

He said: ‘It does not make sense to look for a culprit, we will never know what really happened and Jana will not come back.

‘But we want people to think twice or even three times before they have surgery. Accept yourself the way you are and do not let society influence you.’

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