Video: Don’t stalk your ex; it's unhealthy – Counsellor

Video: Don’t stalk your ex; it's unhealthy – Counsellor
Source: Ghana |
Date: 10-11-2018 Time: 09:11:26:am

The conscious effort to update yourself on the daily happenings of your past lover has the tendency to affect your health, Life Coach and Youth Counsellor, Elder Amos Kevin-Annan has said.

Speaking on Joy Prime’s Facebook Live show, The Office, Mr Kevin-Annan said stalking your partner yields nothing but pain, hatred and suffering hence the need to avoid it.

According to him, partners who have parted ways should accept the reality and give each other space than try to stay as friends.

“Stop stalking; it’s very important you don’t stalk your partner. You must respect and hold yourself together otherwise you will drag yourself in the mud,” he advised.

He also advised people to refrain from centering their happiness on one partner since it has the tendency to cause serious damage should there be a break-up.

“It’s wrong to say without your partner you don’t have a life. Find a life before you get into a relationship otherwise, you would sacrifice your life for the relationship and when it ends your life goes down. That’s why people commit suicide. Much as anyone contributes to your life, they cannot be your world,” he advised.

The Office is a Facebook Live show which discusses everyday happenings in office environments.

The show, which is hosted by Yayira Coffie, comes off every Wednesday at 3 pm.