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Fit lifestyle encouraged after 7 KM Zenith Health Walk challenge

Fit lifestyle encouraged after 7 KM Zenith Health Walk challenge
Source: Ghana | Triple A Network
Date: 08-04-2019 Time: 04:04:02:pm
Walking is for everybody from every shape, size or age indeed. Professionals in the corporate world should be doing more of it...

The March 2019 Zenith Health Walk was graced by the likes of illustrious personalities such as GIPC CEO, Yoofi Grant. International sports journalist Triple A, GH Kweku, and Kofi Adomah Nwanwani were among the bloggers who took the 7 KM walk challenge alongside MC, Nathaniel Attoh.

The colorful event, which took place last weekend, began and ended at the Zenith Heights in Accra with marching bands motivating members through the streets of Asylum down, Adabraka, Ring Road and the likes before the admiration of onlookers.

“Personally, I saw the strong surviving the length of the walk with some ‘Obolos’ beating the slim to it,” Kofi TV’s Adomah noted.

“The fulfilment on the faces of participants who were able to do the full walk was visible.”

For sports journo Angela Akua Asante, this was a first. Over the past seven years, “AAA” has put on 16 kilos -- an “incident” which she blames on both “Ghana’s yummy cuisine” and the nature of her job as an online professional constantly caught seating with her laptop.

After the Zenith Health Walk, the football journalist noted that she is “tempted” to participate in more health walks as she aims to maintain her body fitness objectives. She however remained somewhat skeptical.

Watch a recap of the March 2019 Zenith Health Walk:

“It’s going to take a lot to get me out of bed that early in the morning on a regular basis,” she was quoted as saying on her TITA Blog in the aftermath.

“If the cheerful atmosphere isn’t going to be anything like what I witnessed with Zenith, in what was my first ever health walk, then I’d rather look at other programs to put myself in better shape!”

Meanwhile, Zenith Bank Ghana's Head of Corporate Affairs & Service Delivery, Chidinma Braye-Yankee, offered her thoughts on how the corporate class in the country could do more walking despite the convenience of rolling around in cars.

“Honestly, our mode of transportation and road network in Ghana makes it difficult for corporates to do a lot of walking during the week. They tend to make up for it at the gym.

“If we had an efficient train and bus system, we would walk a lot more. Having said that, it behoves us to intentionally acquire the habit of walking in our neighborhoods or participating in group fitness events such as the Zenith Health Walk.”

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