Esther Cobbah’s nuggets on how to deal with the unexpected in marriage

Esther Cobbah’s nuggets on how to deal with the unexpected in marriage
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Date: 14-07-2019 Time: 05:07:01:pm
Madam Cobbah was speaking on how to deal with the unexpected at the Bridal Fair marriage seminar

You may be the best at your job, the most amazing friend or to your family the best gift but nothing quite prepares you for marriage and even the best of us get caught up in the unexpected during the marriage.

Of course, you can, and should prepare through pre-marital counseling and discuss countless value-based issues or read books to help you get ready for this life-long partnership. But the thing is, that level of readiness still doesn’t prepare you for the unexpected emotional stuff that will find its way into your marriage.

Unfortunately, we don’t know what those trials will be, how long they will last, and neither do we know how to cope with them when they come.

Maybe no one can tell us everything we need to know before we get married, but knowing a few things before or once you are married can help you keep your marriage intact when life happens. 

Esther Cobbah Bridal Fair

Speaking at the 2019 Joy FM Beauty and Bridal Fair marriage seminar, CEO of Strategic Communications (Stratcom) Africa, Esther Cobbah, drew lessons from the Bible which has been a guide for her throughout her married life.

For her, the unexpected can either bring couples together or destroy marriages depending on how the issues are handled by the spouses.

She believes understanding between couples and the wiliness to deal with differences is one of the surest ways to smoothen out things.

“Confront whatever comes in a transparent manner, be selfless, be honest and be determined to work together…”

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