The boy who climbed a tree but no longer climbs up in life

The boy who climbed a tree but no longer climbs up in life
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Date: 05-06-2019 Time: 05:06:16:pm

Bismark managed to get up as he hit the ground with a thud in that near fatal free fall from a fruit tree. 

Up the five-year old run home. Down, his life went from then on and for the past six years, the boy’s spine has been carving Bismark to walk looking down  - a figurative and literal unity.

Since that last good run home, life has cut out any more running for him, any long walk for him, and any luxurious attempt to stand for long and when he is tired from anything, sitting out his fatigue is even more tiring.

Bismark TEVOR

His mother, Faustina Kpakpo remembered using hot water and a towel to massage his back when the boy complained of excruciating pain at nightfall the day he fell.

Only water and two visits to Worawora hospital where an x-ray showed he needed care at a bigger facility. But with money matters at the heart of this spine problem, the poor family at Akpesokubi inside the Biakoye District of the Oti Region don’t stand a chance.

And so for six years, the family watched their first son- Bismark Tevor – endure horrible pain and sleepless nights.

He likes to say, he is okay, Bismark’s class teacher, a teacher trainee, Hayford Ampedu revealed the boy’s resignation masked with a certain stoic determination.

But his teacher is not okay with this response and so together with a friend, Sylvester Agbado, they are trying to give the boy with a hunchback a chance by re-initiating a bid to seek medical attention for Bismarck’s condition.

Bismark TEVOR
Photo: Sylvester Agbado and Bismarck’s teacher Haford Ampedu

Founder of FOCOS hospital, Professor Oheneba Boachie-Adjei diagnosed the problem as Kyphosis after x-rays showed a picture of no surprise. The spine looked contortedly out of shape. He said the hunchback may have been caused by an infection in the spine area.

It is a complicated medical procedure, the specialist told the team of benevolent friends and teacher.

Medical attention is required urgently, he said. “Every month counts,” Prof. Boachie-Adjei said explaining the bend could paralyse the 11-year old boy.

Bismark TEVOR
Photo: Prof. Boachie-Adjei

He said it would cost 97,000 cedis to correct the six-year-old problem. It is a revelation that has now left the team paralysed. Understatedly, they don’t have the money.

Life is priceless, it is said. But Bismark Tevor doesn’t know this quip. His life actually has a price. It is 97,000 cedis.

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