Let’s settle the score: Are household chores the wife’s sole responsibility?

Let’s settle the score: Are household chores the wife’s sole responsibility?
Source: Ghana | Myjoyonline.com | Zaina Adamu | Twitter: @ZainaAdamu
Date: 04-01-2019 Time: 03:01:47:pm

Historically, gender roles played out something like this: husbands went to work and paid the bills. Wives did everything else. According to a British Library report, “women had many domestic responsibilities, including caring for children, preparing food, and tending livestock,” whereas men worked in the field “to bring in the crops.”

But in 2019, have those roles changed? Should household chores be shared or should it be a sole responsibility left for one partner? Joy FM left the question up for debate on the Super Morning Show Friday, where a group of panellists deliberated in an hour-long conversation. Here’s what they had to say.

Edwin Appiah, Reporter, Myjoyonline: “It must be the sole responsibility of the woman before it can be a shared responsibility. In football, defenders must defend, but they can also score. The man must defend, but if he doesn’t score, it doesn’t mean he hasn’t done his job.”

Kofi Bonsu Addai-Yeboah, CEO, Wheelhub Automotive: “It is a shared responsibility. Gone are the days where it is the sole responsibility for the man to go out to look for money. These days, both the man and the woman are working. It’s only fair that we share the responsibility because we share the bills as well.”

Ama Akuamoah, CEO, Mokobe: “There are some households where men are better at cooking so it’s all on a case-by-case basis. Know who you’re marrying and what skill sets they have.”

Ridwan Asante, Journalist, Joy Sports: “When women are managing the home, it is perfect. Let women and men be in their natural state. When a woman is able to make the husband happy and take care of the home, it makes me happy.”

Reverend Allan Okomeng-Mensah: “The funny thing I see with most men is that prior to getting married you were ironing and cooking and cleaning. Once they get married they think the wife is a housemaid. She is supposed to submit to you and not to be subservient.”

Abi from Ridge, Joy FM listener: “Where is it written that it is the woman’s sole responsibility to do chores? From creation, the woman has been the man’s helper. Women are there to help and not to do all.”

Abigal from Dansoman, Joy FM listener: “I think men are naturally lazy. From childhood when you give them a task to perform they do it shabbily and bribe their sister to do it.”

Evans from Kumasi, Joy FM listener: “In Ghana, our women will turn it into a job if you try to help.”

Anonymous, Joy FM listener: “A happy wife is a happy home. Men, work hard and make money. The rest we will do.”

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