Each time of year comes with its own trends. Depending on the season, skirts that are in fashion can either be short or long.

But regardless of the season, you have to consider your body type and your age more than what is fashionable for a particular time of year. This is because no matter how popular or chic the skirt may be, it may not look good and appropriate for you.

With all the different body types, there are certain types of skirts that you will always look good in. For those who are not sure about their body type, you should begin by measuring your waist, bust, and hips and also know your height and weight.

Ladies that happen to be well-proportioned in terms of their top and bottom parts should wear pleated skirts or full skirts that do not cling to the body to make them look curvier. If you happen to be tall, wear this type of skirt preferably long.

Women with a full bust, small waist, wide hips and a sizeable behind are described as curvy, and a good number of them are usually short. Women with this body type should not wear long and flowing skirts as these will make them look even tinier.

In order to bring out their good features, they should wear knee-length skirts that are wider at the bottom.

There are those ladies whose upper bodies are usually noticeably much smaller than their bottom parts; this body type is known as pear-shaped.

These women would need to wear clothes that have darker colors at the bottom and much lighter at the top.

This will help to reduce the size at the bottom. They should make sure that the material or clothes you pick out are in solid color or have minimal prints; wearing big prints will only make them look larger.

Women who have full curves, with rounder bodies, and a bit bigger waistline should stay clear of pleated, over-sized skirts that make them look even bigger.

Instead they should wear clothes that get wider as they move towards the bottom. Darker colors are best for these women.

Source: gracenglamour.com