Celebrity stylist Richard Brown popularly known as Oseb has said it takes “bold people to understand his fashion sense.” 

In an interview with Luv FM’s Anita Kumah on Showbiz Xtra, explained that he ‘fashion is madness ‘ as he  has come to understand after attending a fashion school adding that Ghanaians do not understand  the craft hence their complaints about his fashion sense.

According to Osebo, the viral photo of him wearing a Scottish skirt with a t-shirt is a popular outfit in Nigeria, where people are currently wearing skirts to copy his style is one example.

His recent photo is trending on social media with people referring to it as ‘Dear Sir/ Madam’’.

“I stayed in Italy and other countries, so I am learning and appreciating their fashion sense. Fashion is style and style is what you do with it. To add elegance to your dressing, you can combine colors or add other features such as feathers,” he added.

He believes it’s only a matter of time Ghanaians will learn to appreciate his style.

“I have quite a number of people asking for my Scottish skirt and other attires of mine, sales are booming and I have run out of stock. All this is an effort to promote my Zaraman brand and to drive my company,” he pointed out.

The viral ‘Dear Sir/ Madam skirt’ is being sold at Ghc 500, and can be worn to any event aside offices.

When asked whether he would allow his children to dress in a similar manner, Osebo said “if they feel they want to adopt my style as they grow older, so be it.”