Fashion tips for the short women

One’s height may not be in one’s hands but the way one dresses is definitely in one’s hands.

When it comes to fashion height or anything should not be a barrier as every look has its own charms provided one knows the right ways of styling oneself within the given physical limits and parameters.

Petite or short women may feel depressed about their short height but in the realm of fashion trends there is nothing called impossible as there is an answer for everybody looking up to fashion.

Short women in order to look gorgeous and trendy must remember few tips while dressing which include colors to wear, the type of outfits, the kind of tailoring, the accessories etc.

Regarding colors it’s best to stick to monochromatic bright colors. If one is wearing skirt and top or jeans it should be of same color. A break in color makes one look shorter rather than a continuous color which makes one look taller.

Anything wide should be avoided, even horizontal stripes as they cut down the length illusion. Shorts, cropped pants or capris also cut down the length therefore its best to avoid these types of outfits.

Usually high waist jeans, trousers and even skirts are very much in fashion these days which make the petite girl look taller by adding to the length. Empire waists are such an option which can turn the short lady into a gorgeous looking one! Bell bottom pants or flared up jeans should be avoided as these only pull down the height illusion.

Using the right accessories is also necessary to add to the effect of height. Instead of wide belts use lean ones, handbags must be in sync with the style and physical structure. The makeup and hair styling must also be done intelligently to make the small body frame look taller.

Long hair instead of short hair styles can create the required illusion. Various hair styles are available that can be done with the long hair to make one look taller.

Make up must be done in such a way to accentuate the sharper features. Heels must be worn even if it is a short heel; flats must be avoided.

Therefore using the right outfits and accessories in the right way can make a short woman look no more petite but glamorous and trendy.