Popularly known as Osebo, fashionista and Chief Executive of Zara Boutique, Richard Brown says he would not advise upcoming fashion enthusiasts to copy his way of dressing.

He told Luv FM’s Anita Kuma on Showbiz Xtra about the need to develop a tough skin in the industry, attributing his resilience in the space to his training abroad.

“You need to withstand the criticisms and insults people are likely to make. If you’ve wanted to do anything out of the ordinary in Ghana particularly, people will condemn and drag you down,” he observed.

“If you don’t have a thick skin or a good spiritual backing, you can give up. Yet nobody can dim my shine, I’m born to win,” he pointed out.

Osebo praised ace broadcaster, Kwasi Kyei Darkwah, (KKD) for charting a path for all of Ghana’s fashion icons to follow.

“Through his style, he made his name and anything extra seems odd to Ghanaians. I’d advise Ghanaians to imitate KKD’s dressing style. Ghanaians are used to his style, so it easier and more conservative,” he said.