Fighting body odor effectively

Body odor can be embarrassing and it is a big hindrance in socializing.

It also reduces your confidence and hence can affect and leave an impact on your social life considerably negatively.

But there are some ways that we can use you treat body odor:

Body odor arises from areas with hair and the sweat that the bacteria tend to work on giving the offensive odor. This odor can be in your feet when you wear shoes or it can be in your armpits.

Using antibacterial soap will always help because it will remove the bacteria that are responsible for the offensive smell of sweat.

Ensure that whenever you have bath, all the hairy region including your armpits and groin are thoroughly washed with this soap and then cleaned with a lot of water.

Also, we have to deal with the sweat and the odor of the feet. They are to be treated at par with the other two body regions in producing sweat related odor and must be cleaned thoroughly.

After the day’s work, ensure that you do not wear any shoes or socks for the following 8 to 10 hours. Choose the socks that you wear carefully. Avoid any synthetic material in socks for sweaty feet.

Always wear cotton or socks in any other material that will let the skin breathe and also absorb any sweat produced. Ensure that the socks worn on a single day are never repeated till they are washed.

Also you can apply powder on the feet to avoid sweat from developing and if it does, to help it get absorbed quickly.

Stop eating spicy food and reduce the consumption of coffee. They are both strong stimuli for body odor. Also reduce the consumption of onion and garlic.

Drink a lot of water, at least 8 to 10 glasses every day and change your clothes as frequently as possible.

Do not repeat any sweaty attire till it is thoroughly washed. It is always suggested that you shower instead of taking a bath. This will help wash away the sweat easily.

Do not hold back on the use of deodorants, more than once in a day if need be.