Get rid of that smelly feet ladies

The feet need to be kept healthy and agile to support the entire weight of our bodies in our day-to-day life. This is why the feet contain 250,000 sweat glands that constantly secrete moisture to keep feet moist, supple and healthy.

However many feet are prone to excessive sweating which can lead to irritable feet.

Sweaty and smelly feet are a common problem that many people encounter at some stage in their lives. However for some people it can be a persistent condition that can be embarrassing and bothersome.

Meanwhile it seems more embarrassing and unacceptable for a lady to have smelly feet.

What causes it

Today’s footwear, consisting of synthetic materials, is a primary cause of sweaty feet. Shoes and socks manufactured from man-made materials lead to excessive perspiration and increased bacteria that can result in sweaty, smelly feet and sometimes Tinea Pedis.
Sweaty feet can also be triggered by stress, both physical and emotional. Pressure placed upon the foot due to strain or fatigue is a common cause, as is emotional distress and turmoil. Sweaty, smelly feet is also often associated with teenagers and changing hormonal levels which can lead to over active sweat glands.

However the reasons are not always this complex. A change in the weather, hot or cold, can be enough to initiate excessive sweating.
So how do you get rid of that smell that just won’t go away?

Prevention & treatment

A simple but effective hygiene routine is usually the best method of prevention. Shoes and socks should allow feet to breathe; therefore shoes should preferably be spacious and made of leather. Socks should be manufactured from more natural materials, such as wool, cotton or a mixture of the two, as these materials are absorbent and will help keep feet dry. You can now purchase special detachable insoles that are designed to keep feet dry and odour free, therefore insoles are an inexpensive way to keep shoes fresh.

There are also a number of over-the-counter medications for this particular problem that come in the forms of powders, lotions, creams and anti-perspirants. (See your local chemist)

• Keep feet clean and dry

• Wear breathable cotton or woollen socks

• Dry wearing spacious leather shoes

• Detachable medicated insoles such as Insoles