Country Director of Herbalife Nutrition Ghana has shared a two-minute warm-up session and eight-minute full body work out is necessary to keep the cardiovascular system functioning effectively.

“When stressed, a 10-minute workout can give an instant boost of energy and help you refocus. It comes in handy especially on days when one is pressed with time.

“Though very brief, its results are highly effective. It is a great way to get rid of one’s guilty feeling about missing your regular routine’’ he said.

“The warm-up should always be dynamic by gently loosening up the body which would slowly increase the heart rate. A 120-second warm-up to ease into the core of your workout should be good enough but spend a little extra time on days that you feel especially tight,” he said.

Mr Amenyah hinted of some cardio exercises – squats, running in place, side steps and speed skaters – that could be done effectively without equipment.

He said cardio exercises are fun, simple and effective adding, individuals are at liberty to choose from a variety of exercises in for a good full body workout.

“If you are new to exercise, try only doing the odd-numbered exercises and going at a slightly slower pace. There are both higher and lower impact exercises, and you should aim for a workout intensity of around seven or eight out of ten to reap maximum benefits. Don’t ever push yourself so hard that you feel uncomfortable’’ he emphasised.

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