Makeup basics for every age

Makeup is not just a tool to hide away the flaws in one’s beauty, but it also acts as a protective covering for your skin.

Besides, women wear makeup to look more beautiful and to cut down years from their appearance.

However, when you are using makeup to look younger, you need to be particular about the choice of makeup because whatever makeup you choose must suit your age.

Here are general tips to wearing makeup according to one’s age.

In your teens

That is the time when you are in the prime of your youth, and not much of makeup is needed because young skin is beautiful in itself.

Even though your skin may be absolutely smooth, but wish to use foundation, go in for an oil-free water-based foundation or else the problem of acne might crop up.

For the eye and cheek makeup, choose natural shades only, because heavier shades can diminish your natural beauty. The only place where you should use bold colors is on your lips, and it’ll be great if you just top up your lip makeup with some lip gloss.

In your twenties

In the twenties a woman is in full bloom, and only some mild foundation is what you should be using. Leave aside the blusher, because your cheeks will most probably have their own natural tint during this period.

Go a little strong with the eye shadow, and let the choice of color be something that matches with the natural color of your eyes. For the rest of the face just keep the makeup to a bare minimum, and avoid using bright colors unless you are getting ready for a scintillating evening affair.

In your thirties

Once you step into the thirties, you may begin to see the first signs of aging and so from here on you will need to go a little heavy on the foundation. But as for the blusher, you’ll still do good to restrict your choice to muted shades. And since, fine lines begin developing during this period; you must avoid any type of frosted makeup.

In your forties

Here your skin needs more moisture, so get some oil-based foundation to get smooth looking skin. Concealer creams are another thing that you need to add to your makeup kit. Stick to colors that are more sober and softer, while all together avoiding metallic and frosted makeup.

Fifty and beyond

This is when you must let yourself age gracefully, so avoid anything that is to shiny or metallic and restrict yourself to using muted natural makeup shades only. Even for your lips, the color choice should be limited to neutrals.