Taking care of hair during pregnancy

During pregnancy, there are many changes in the body and there are many hormonal changes too.

With the baby also seeking nourishment from your body, there are times you will see noticeable change in the texture of your hair. In times like this, you need to take special care of your hair.

If you have been using dyes, shampoos and conditioners that contain chemicals, then they should be avoided at all costs. Pregnancy is a delicate stage where the chemicals from these items may raise health concerns.

A hair dye contains ammonia and the fumes are a potential hazard for the baby. It is always a good idea to opt for natural remedies and herbal products to suit the hair and the body without any harmful side effects.

Where hair care is concerned, conditioning is an integral part of it. It is always suggested that you try out the vegetable or fruit deep conditioning treatments.

They have the natural ingredients of the fruits or vegetables and are helpful in nourishing the scalp with all the vital nutrients that the skin wants. The acidic content of the fruit treatments also helps in clearing the pores of the scalp and keep them hydrated.

If you want a hair mask treatment, then go for fruit components like melons and banana. The former is known well for the hydration power and the latter is a powerhouse of nutrients. You can also opt for hot oil hair treatments during pregnancy. They do not pose any health hazard and they provide ample nourishment to the hair too.

Oil massages have an additional benefit of de-stressing you and making you relax. So not only you take care of your hair, you also take care of yourself.

A good massage on the scalp is the best solution for a relaxed mind and wavy hair. Alternatively, you can even try some homemade remedies.

Mix some virgin olive oil and jojoba oil. Add some almond oil to it and apply the mixture to your hair. Apply it generously and thoroughly from the root to the tip. Do it once a week and enjoy lush hair throughout your pregnancy.