The management of Twists & Locs Hair Salon, a natural hair salon has given its customers a treat while urging Ghanaians to be wary of applying chemicals on their hair in order to beautify them.

The Chief Executive of Twists & Locs, Ms Kuorkor Dzani, said Ghanaians, particularly women, stood to gain tremendously from using natural products such as shea butter in conditioning their hair.

The use of such natural products as opposed to the chemicals that are widely used in orthodox salons (which can be very harsh and harmful) insulated people from the harmful side effects of the chemicals.

“It is safer and cheaper to use things like shea butter and cocoa butter which are natural products because they are healthier and come from natural sources. There are no additives or harsh chemical components that can burn your scalp and create other health hazards,” she explained.

Ms Dzani discounted claims it is expensive to use natural methods to do one’s hair, arguing it is comparatively cheaper. She contended some of her customers had been taught to treat their own hair according to their needs.