It appears the subtle battle between Ghanaians and Nigerians over the place of origin of jollof rice is not about ending any time soon.

The orange-colour delicacy made from rice mixed with tomato stew has generated debate in West Africa with the two countries unwilling to shift ground.

Whereas Ghanaians believe the staple, often eaten with fried plantain and leafy plants, originates from Ghana, Nigerians hold a different opinion. They say the food which has garlic, carrots, green beans or cabbage comes from Nigeria.

As the world celebrates International Jollof Rice Day, other West African countries namely, Senegal, Gambia, and Liberia have also waded into the debate.

The day celebrated on August 22, came to the spotlight after a British chef, Jamie Oliver put his spin on the food drawing outrage from West Africans across the world especially Ghanaians and Nigerians.

These are what West Africans are discussing on this day on social media; 

“So today happens to be WORLD JOLLOF DAY I didn't know, well now I know So; Happy Jollof Day!! and I mean Ghana jollof,” Thelma Ewurama Kwofie (Ghana) wrote on her Facebook wall.

Abdallah Nuruhuda (Ghana) said “Did you know that today is World Jollof Day? A jollof rice is a favourite meal in the West African region and very popular amongst Nigerians and Ghanaians alike.I do not know a social function in Lagos or Accra where jollof rice is not served or at least listed in the menu.This shows how spicy and tasty jollof rice is.That`s why both adults and children loved it.Most of the guys loved it so inbox me tantalizing order.”

Piedpiper Charles from Port Harcourt (Nigeria) wrote on his Facebook wall that he would be taking “Jollof rice for lunch.”

Mariam Bada (UK) said “Happy jollof rice day people. Make you cook one today with live yummy.”

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