President John Mahama has inaugurated a new governing board for the Millennium Development Authority. 

The new board is to oversee the successful implementation of the second Millennium Challenge Compact which focuses on expansion and stabilisation of power supply in the country.

The inauguration comes on the heels of the worsening power crisis currently being experienced in the country.

The crisis has led to the creation of a new Power ministry with the hope of arresting the situation.

President John Mahama in inaugurating the new board said the move is one of critical actions required for the disbursement of the first tranche of the compact.

He tasked members of the board to exhibit leadership to achieve the targets set for them and to deliver the country from the power challenges it is facing.

Chairman of the board Professor Sefa Deve called for cooperation from key players in the power sector in order for them to deliver on their mandate.

The nine-member board includes Gender and Social Protection  Nana Oye Lithur,  Deputy Finance Minister Ato Forson, Deputy Energy Minister John Jinapor among others.

Ghana benefitted from the five-year $547 million Millennium Challenge Compact aimed at reducing poverty by raising farmer incomes through private sector-led, agribusiness development.

While the first compact aggressively tackled Ghana's agriculture, the second is geared towards improving the country's power sector which at the moment is in crisis.


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