MP for Ningo-Prampram, Sam George says the Majority in Parliament has refused to build consensus on the approval of the E-levy.

According to Sam George, the Majority has rather taken an entrenched position and neglected the interest of Ghanaians.

Speaking on JoyNews’ The Pulse on Monday, January 24, 2022, he noted that the current situation where there is a hung Parliament warrants both Caucuses of the House to compromise and build consensus for the interest of the nation.

“How do you go into a negotiation with a fixed position? Who goes into a negotiation and say for me this is my position, I am not shifted. Who does that and then you tell us that you are willing to compromise. Do they understand the meaning of the word compromise? The NPP government and the Majority must stop going around and talking about building consensus. They have no intention of building consensus.”

Sam George added that, “You don’t build consensus when you take an entrenched position. Nobody builds consensus by taking an entrenched position. We would both have to come together and think of what is in the best interest of the Ghanaian people”.

The controversial 1.75% rate E-levy has generated several arguments between the government and other stakeholders since its proposal.

The Minority has called for the suspension of the levy while the Majority is stern on the approval and passage of the Levy.

Other stakeholders are of the view that the rate of the levy should be reduced since it’s a new initiative.

But responding to this, the MP for Sekondi, Andrew Egyapa Mercer argued that the 1.75% E-levy is necessary to shore up the revenue generation base to avoid borrowing from the IMF.

“It is critical that if we want to generate the requisite revenue internally, all of us Ghanaians ought to burden share and so government has brought the smallest tax handle ever as far as my memory serves me right which is 1.75 to try and shore up the revenue base so we are not left with the option of having to go to the IMF or the Capital bankers to raise some additional monies at huge expense. We would rather do it internally and I would urge my friends on the other side to throw their weight behind the government,” he noted.

Parliament is expected to resume on January 25. Key among the issues to be discussed is the re-introduction of the proposed E-Levy by the Finance Ministry.

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