If you missed last weekend's show, there is another unique opportunity for Ghanaians to catch the much talked about 'Make Me a Woman Tonight-Adults Only' from the stables of Roverman Productions.

After a successful showing last weekend, Rovernman Production is set for a second showing of the romantic tale at the National Theatre from March 8-9.

Those who made it to the National Theatre for the first show can attest to the fact that the play is another beautifully woven masterpiece from the master craftsman, James Ebo Whyte.

With its inviting name, 'Make Me a Woman Tonight-Adults Only' captures the story of a couple and their turbulent episode on the night after they said their “I dos”.

The man had a secret which was unknown to a woman who couldn't wait to enjoy the warmth and love of her man in bed.

The woman, Mimi, had done what is rear today, she has managed to save her virginity to offer it to the man of her dreams, who has also been forced to live a chaste life for a decade.

Unknown to Mimi, her husband, Maestro, the most successful footballer in Africa, had sold his manhood for a successful football career.

Her world came crushing down when her dream man failed to make love to her on her wedding night. Will she stay? An answer the play holds!

'Make Me a Woman Tonight-Adults Only' is another must watch from James Ebo Whyte.

Troop to the National Theatre from March 8 to 9 at 4pm and 8pm each day for a fantastic showpiece!