The MamaYe Campaign in partnership with the National Blood Transfusion Service (Blood Bank) and the Red Cross Society of Ghana organised two separate blood donation exercises to stock the Blood Bank, which had reached its dearth.

The first event, which took place at the St John’s Grammar Senior High School in Accra on Thursday, May 8 2014, attracted over four hundred participants. In all 110 pints of blood were voluntarily donated.

Speaking about the importance of voluntary blood donation, the Public Relations Officer of the Blood Bank, Stephen Addai-Baah said “it is critical that we make blood available to all health facilities in the country because it is an essential part of emergency healthcare delivery. On a daily basis, our hospitals need blood to save lives so we can’t look away.”

He said the situation of pregnant women especially was so delicate that it will be suicidal if the blood storage facilities in hospitals run out completely. The Blood Bank has been collaborating with the MamaYe Campaign to encourage many more individuals to donate blood voluntarily as haemorrhage continues to be the number one contributor to maternal mortality.

In a related development, the Red Cross Society of Ghana, Greater Accra Directorate last Saturday collaborated with the MamaYe Campaign to organize a blood drive ahead of the Mothers’ Day celebration. The event which proved highly successful brought together various groups and clubs whose members expressed excitement at the opportunity to save a life.

David Antwi, a first time donor, said: “I have heard all kinds of myths about blood donation but after the Blood Bank officials spoke to us, it was very easy for me to donate. I will use this opportunity to encourage other young people to come out during such occasions to donate blood. You never know when you would need it.”

At the end of the event, 170 people had donated blood.

Officials of the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) were also there to register participants in their ongoing biometric registration process. Some officials of the NHIA also donated blood to encourage participants who were still not sure about the outcomes.

The MamaYe campaign is working with health officials, policy makers, community members and pregnant women across the country to increase maternal and newborn survival.


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