Police at Amansie south in the Ashanti region have arrested a man for robbery on Wednesday.

Daniel Dery, 32, robbed 17-old-year Okada operators on their way to Asawinso Ketewa in the Western North Region.

Daniel had hired the services of Emmanuel Boateng and agreed to pay him when they reached his destination.
But, halfway through the journey, Daniel tried to kill the okada operator.

According to Amansie South District Police Commander, Daniel borrowed money from the 17-year-old to purchase a hoe shaft.

Asp Felix Akowua says the suspected robber promised to reimburse Emmanuel the borrowed money and the cost of the service of the Okada.

Before they reached Diaso Sefwi, the suspects said to the okada rider he wanted to pee. and just after the okada rider pulled the brake, Daniel hit Emmanuel with the hoe shaft continuously until the poor boy became unconscious. 
Police say Daniel thought Emmanuel had died. He took the motorbike away.

Emmanuel regained consciousness a few minutes later and managed to crawl to a roadside where he was rescued.
An alarm was blown and the suspect was arrested around Sefwi. Asp Felix Akowua says Daniel appeared before Bekwai Circuit court presided over by H/H Mark Diboro court on July 14, 2021 and would reappear on Friday, July 16, 2021.

In a similar development,  seven suspected robbers who robbed and shot two gold dealers would reappear before Bekwai circuit court on July 27, 2021

They early on appeared before the court and have been remanded in police custody.

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