A school caretaker is facing jail for spying on high school girls naked in the showers.

Nigel French, 51, has been found guilty of attempted voyeurism after he drilled peep holes in the floor to watch the girls as they showered after a swimming lesson.

The married father-of-two was caught out when a PE teacher spotted his feet and saw him on all fours in a storage room above the changing room.

The teacher found a hole over the showers – with a ceiling tile moved to allow a better view.

Eight more holes were discovered over the boys changing room at Pen y Dre High School in Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales – which had previously been used by girls.

Prosecutor Suzanne Thomas said: ‘It was likely the holes above the boys changing room were done some years ago.’

French, a former Scout leader and devout churchgoer, claimed he was looking for bats, even though there was no evidence of bats nesting in the school.

The caretaker, who had worked at the school for 21 years, told police he was waiting for a swimming lesson to finish before cleaning the pool.

He said: “Basically my only offence could be skiving.

“I went up to the viewing gallery and I laid down facing forward, looking at the side of the pool, waiting for the lesson to finish.

“I wasn’t spying on pupils in the pool because that would be wrong that would.”

The court heard that French, who had around-the-clock access to the school and swimming pool, was often seen hanging around the pool’s viewing gallery.

French, was found guilty of attempted voyeurism and will be sentenced next month.


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