A video making rounds on social media show a suspected “thug” hanging on the bonnet of a car moving from Ikoyi to Victoria Island in Lagos, Nigeria.

The lady who was driving the car has said the man decided to hang on to her vehicle after an earlier encounter with him around Ikoyi.

According to her, the guy had insisted that she tipped him for parking on his “territory”, but she refused, so he started deflating her tyres.

She said the next thing she realised was the guy jumping and holding on to the bonnet of her car firmly, maintaining that he is paid or he won’t get down.

As the lady attempted to drive away, the said gentleman held on to the bonnet for about 21 minutes without screaming for help or asking the lady to stop the car on the expressway.

The video has since sparked conversations on social media with many amused about the character of the said man.