Man hangs on mango tree

A resident of Kintampo, Baba Issah, believed to be 30 years, has allegedly hanged himself shortly after he was released on police bail.

Baba was found hanging on a mango tree on Sunday dawn around 5:00am at the Kintampo town park area. He was also found to have defecated on himself with a lot of bruises on his face. Some neighbours who woke up to find Baba Issah hanging on the mango tree near the L/A Park were surprised because they claimed he was seen chatting happily with his friend the previous day.

Residents explained to Daily Guide that the deceased stayed at ‘Akatanipele House’, a popular house in Kintampo and had a confrontation with his next door neighbour over the construction of a KVIP very close to his room, which landed him in police grips.

According to residents, the deceased protested against the construction of the KVIP and had a quarrel with the owners. They said the next door neighbours lodged an official complaint with the police and the deceased was subsequently arrested and detained last Friday.

A co-tenant mentioned that when the deceased was released from police custody the following day, he became very quiet and they did not see him in the house in the evening.

It is believed that Baba Issah hanged himself on Saturday night since he went missing from the house that same evening.

He has since been buried in accordance with Muslim traditions.

About a month ago, a similar gory incident occurred in the area, when a 14-year-old class-three pupil of the Kintampo Roman Catholic Primary School, Yaw Kopare, also allegedly committed suicide by hanging.

One of Baba’s family members who spoke to Daily Guide said he suspected Baba hanged himself because of harassment by the Kintampo police.

According to Mumuni Bawa, a few days ago, Baba had a fracas with a neighbour who was constructing a toilet near the house of Baba, resulting in a quarrel.

He said the neighbour reported the case to the Kintampo police who tried to arrest him but he managed to go into hiding. Mumuni Bawa said when Baba was finally arrested; he was locked up in police cells and later given bail.

According to Bawa, when Baba returned home, he started behaving abnormally but did not show any sign of distress.