A group calling itself the market Women Association of Ghana are demanding the resignation of the Metropolitan Chief Executive of Accra, Dr. Alfred Vanderpuije within fourteen days for what they say are brutalities meted out to them by the AMA Task Force.

The group said they will embark on a three-day demonstration dubbed wieyen preko which literally means finish us off, to register their displeasure if Dr. vanderpuije fails to heed to their request.

At a news conference held in Accra, the spokesperson of the group, Frederick Opoku also demanded compensation for victims of the alleged brutalities.

“Women and children accuse the AMA guards of indecent assault ranging from fondling, sexual harassment and rape. There are few cases of impregnation and denial [of such cases],” he intimated.

Mr. Opoku said they will resist any attempt at rendering the market folks jobless and fight to ensure that the policies adopted by the Accra mayor are thrown out.

The group threatened to sue Dr. Vanderpuije “for putting by-laws ahead of the constitution of Ghana” as well as for the failure of the AMA to adequately compensate some victims who have suffered from the alleged attacks on their lives by the Task Force.

He accused Dr. Vanderpuije of failing to prevent the outbreak of cholera in the city which resulted in the loss of many lives, saying he instead has resorted to the use of brute force to prevent hard working Ghanaians from fending for themselves.

“We can only remember him with brutalities and injuries, denial of fundamental human rights of [people in] our society who are seeking nothing more than a platform to earn a living,” he stated.

Mr. Opoku further called on President Mills to sack the mayor for failing to help the president achieve his Better Ghana Agenda.

Story by Derick Romeo Adogla/Myjoyonline.com/Ghana


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