A Member of Parliament’s Health Committee, Charles Agbeve, has called for the resignation of Health Minister Kwaku Agyeman-Manu over some inconsistencies in his responses to questions on the procurement of vaccines.

Speaking to JoyNews‘ Joseph Opoku Gakpo, Charles Agbeve, noted that the responses by the Minister during the Parliamentary probe into the procurement process of the vaccines, is unconvincing, therefore, he has no business holding on to the position.

“The probe is fantastic, it is bringing out the real issues and he is also being honest about the facts, I expect him to jumb, he should not be pushed, you cannot say these things in certain countries and expect to go scot-free.”    

Agyeman-Manu who appeared before Parliament on July 19, revealed that he was unable to seek approval from Parliament before signing an agreement with Sheikh Ahmed Dalmook Al Maktoum to procure Sputnik V vaccines.

This, according to the Minister, was because he was frustrated and couldn’t think ‘properly’ due to his desire to prevent further deaths related to Covid-19.

The Attorney General, has also disclosed that some clauses in the Ministry of Health’s 64 million dollar contract for supply of Sputnik vaccines are in breach of FDA regulations, as well as biased and skewed against the state.

“We further note that the clause is ambiguous, vague and skewed against the buyer. It is thus suggested that the agreement be amended to classify what the parties mean by “outside reasonable control” and the same provided for the buyer.”

In light of this, Mr Charles Agbeve iterated that Kwaku Agyeman-Manu should resign immediately for his role in the illegal procurement of Sputnik V vaccines for the country.

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