Covid-19 made the year 2020, one to certainly remember. Nine months after this period, masks are dropping from faces while social distances grow closer.

For many, although the Covid-19 is still lurking in Ghana, the alarm that accompanied the pandemic is now a thing of the past, and that is enough for them to let their guards down, against the advice of health authorities.

Millennial Street Podcast: Over 100k teenage pregnancies in Ghana last year, how?
Some Ghanaians complying with health protocols in the Central business district of Accra during the Covid-19 pandemic

Conversations are rife about the fact that the disease has killed over a thousand Ghanaians since our first case, 1,098 to be exact (as of September 9, 2021).

But who is talking about the 109,888 teenage girls impregnated within the last year?

This is a hundred times more than Covid-19-related deaths, literally speaking.

According to the District Health Information Management system of the Ghana Health Service, 2,865 of them are between 10 and 14 years.

A whopping 107,023 are also between 15 and 19 years.

Millennial Street Podcast: Over 100k teenage pregnancies in Ghana last year, how?

In the Upper West Region alone, 694 girls return to school pregnant after Covid-19 closure.

On the back of this, the latest episode of the Millennial Street podcast delves into the dynamics that led to these numbers.

Host Nasiba Yakubu and Kenneth Awotwe Darko are joined by a friend of the show, Geraldine Amoah as they explore the rudiments and potential punishment for perpetrators in the issue which many have condemned as criminal.

The episode further looks into the essence of safe sex education in mitigating the situation going forward.

With all these in mind, listen to the episode above, and be sure to tune in previous episodes on a variety of captivating topics.

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