Ranking member on the Energy Committee of Parliament, Adam Mutawakilu is warning of imminent increase in electricity tariff if government bows to demands by jubilee partners for upward review of gas sale to Ghana.

As part of their plans to fully develop the Jubilee field, Joy News is learning the Jubilee partners, is renegotiating the gas purchase agreement from the current 1.5 dollar per unit to 3.1 dollars.

Government is however proposing to pay 2.5 dollars per unit for the product.

There are fears any increase in the purchase agreement may adversely affect the price of electricity in the country despite assurances by the Energy Minister Boakye Agyarko that Government will make good its promise ensure a reduction. 

The Energy Minister at a recent NPP programme said just as they honoured the promise to solve the dumsor, the government will honour the promise to reduce electricity prices.

Minority warns of imminent hikes in electricity

But the ranking member Adam Mutawikilu said the government must first negotiate with the Jubilee Partners to ensure that consumers are not overburdened.

Speaking to Joy News, the ranking member, Adam Mutawakilu said the agreement put forward by the partners will affect consumers if it’s approved.

“The plan of development has been submitted to the minister. Included in it is the negotiation of the gas price and there are two methods in this. The partners want to use the incremental basis,” he explained.

He said the proposed negotiation is nothing more than a rip-off of the people of Ghana.

“It is a rip-off and I want the minister to go back and negotiate well,” he said.


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