Migrant Labour General Workers Union International in collaboration with her Finnish-French Migrant Resource Centre MLGWUI-FFMRC) has recommended that the Judicial Service of Ghana should prosecute and ensure fair deportation of recently arrested migrant sex and illegal mining workers.

The Union said this is to avoid needless cost of feeding in case they are found guilty and imprisoned. “The law must deal with Ghanaians involved accordingly” the Union stated.

In a statement issued on September 17, MLGWUI said it deems this suggestion necessary in the wake of the arrest of 164 Illegal migrant workers in the Eastern Region by Military anti-galamsey taskforce, Operation Halt II.

“Although there is evidence that most African citizens are unemployed, especially in Ghana, MLGWUI does not tolerate illegal working activities. We are therefore asking patriotic citizens and regular migrant workers to report all illegal mining and illegal sex activities to the Ghana Immigration Service and other national security agencies because MLGWUI supports government’s Operations Halt initiative

It is the mission of MLGWUI to ensure decent work, social justice, protection, education, occupational safety and health for migrant workers, refugees, volunteers, investors and diasporans as well as supporting and promoting culture and tourism for foreigners in Africa. So the Union will play its role to expose notorious sex workers and migrant workers,” the statement added.

The MLGWUI therefore requested the Ghana Immigration Service to team up with Ghana Armed Forces to conduct intensive operations in budget hotels and night gathering places and arrest migrant sex workers and their Ghanaian counterparts.