An Adenta Circuit Court has sentenced a Mobile Money vendor to 12 months imprisonment for stealing his employer’s money.

Ibrahim Emmanuel is said to have transferred ₵18, 000 out of ₵30, 000 from his employer’s phone into his mobile money account.

Charged with stealing, Emmanuel pleaded guilty with an explanation. The court, however, noted that his explanation confirmed his plea of guilt.

The court presided over by Mrs. Sedinam Awo Balokah, convicted the accused person on his own plea.

Prosecuting Chief Inspector Maxwell Lanyo narrated that the complainant, Theophilus Ansah, was a trader residing at Oyibi, Accra, whiles Emmanuel Ibrahim resided at Otanor- Adjiriganor, near East Legon.

Chief Inspector Lanyo said Ibrahim oversaw the complainant’s mobile money joint at East Legon, near the A and C Mall.

The prosecution said on July 3, last year, Ibrahim stole the phone he had been working with and belonging to the complainant containing cash in the sum of ₵30,000.

It said later the complainant detected that ₵18, 000 had been transferred from the phone to Ibrahim’s mobile wallet.

The prosecution said the complainant quickly alerted MTN Ghana Limited and Ibrahim’s mobile account was blocked.
It said but before the account was blocked, Ibrahim had already withdrawn ₵18, 000 leaving a balance of ₵12,000.

The prosecution said on August 1, last year, the complainant reported the matter to the Police and on January 3, this year, Ibrahim was nabbed by the Police at his hideout at Adjiriganor.

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