The recent national discussion on the Anti-LGBTQ+ bill has seen many reputable personalities either throwing their weight behind or against the bill. 

Rt. Rev. Professor Osei Sarfo Kantanka has added his voice to calls for the passage of the bill. 

Speaking on Luv FM’s Building Ghana Series programme, the former Bishop of the Kumasi Diocese of the Methodist Church Ghana, indicated that homosexuality in itself is unfathomable in both scientific and religious perspectives. 

“As a scientist, homosexuality doesn’t make sense. Taking maize as an example, it has the tassel as the male part and the female characteristics which have the stigma and style to receive pollen from the male side of the plant. 

“If the maize plant doesn’t get another maize plant to shed its pollen, it produces no maize grain. 

“So, even plants have the male and female sexes in order to reproduce. How on earth can some humans say they need only the maize plant with the tassel (male) and not the maize plant with an ear (female) for human continuity? 

“It doesn’t make sense whenever homosexuality is justified, that you only need one gender to reproduce,” he said. 

Prof. Kantanka believes even though the present civilization of the world has brought about tremendous advancements, it imposes some disadvantages on religious beliefs. 

“Any sustainable civilization must have a religious basis. Civilization of the West is like cut flower. When you cut a beautiful flower from its roots, it wilts and dies.

“This civilization has done so much, simply because of the Christian basis the Westerners had, which enabled them to explore. However, certain aspects of it is going off. 

“A civilization that takes away its basic religious root is right on the way to destruction. An example is one that talks about sexuality related issues,” he said. 

He further argued, ”human Rights has become a religion. That’s what is happening amongst some Christians. These so-called Christians aren’t basing their arguments on the Bible but on Human rights. 

“The word of God is clear on sexuality. Moses in the Bible made lots of laws concerning homosexuality. Apostle Paul also cited same. 

“People, instead of acknowledging God and His word, they pushed away God and went into deviant acts. An example is homosexuality. 

“Civilization has come to a point that has made humanism and secularism more important than what the word of God says,” Prof. Kantanka said. 

Meanwhile, some Ghanaians have raised legitimate concerns pertaining to the passage of the anti-LGBTQ+ bill. 

They argue that criminalization of LGBTQ+ and its related activities in the country would cut Ghana’s foreign aid. 

Professor Kantanka however rebutted, saying the country has adequate resources to fend for itself and not solely depend on foreign aid which could dent the values and customs of the country. 

“Let’s go back to domestication. Ghana Beyond Aid. Let’s go ahead and do what we as a people believe is right for us. 

“Why do you bring in aid that destroys the people and what they believe is not right. Let’s not make a fetish out of human rights,” he said. 

He noted “members of parliament cannot represent Ghanaians and betray us”. 

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