The Ghana Police Service says most final-year high school students desisted from causing harm and destroying school properties after its engagements with them.

Over the years, some SHS final-year students have marked the completion of their final examinations with the destruction of school properties and acts of vandalism.

As part of its efforts to eradicate the phenomenon, the Police, through its Proactive Prevention Policing Strategy, held conversations with school authorities and final-year students in most senior high schools.

According to a statement issued by the Police on Monday, “interactions focused on the need for students to uphold the law and rules and regulations of their schools.”

“We also highlighted the criminal implications of such behaviour and the dire consequences that offenders could face, and the implications on their future.”

“We are delighted this intervention yielded the expected outcome as most final year students desisted from causing harm or destroying school properties,” the statement announced.

Referring to the fire outbreak that razed the boys’ dormitory of the Nyinahin Catholic SHS, the Police said preliminary investigations show that most final-year students had already checked out.

It indicated that “further investigations are being undertaken to determine the actual cause of the inferno.”

The entire dormitory block A structure and its contents, including student beds, mattress, clothing and other personal student effects, books, electrical fittings and fixtures, wooden ceilings, doors, windows, and roofing sheets got burnt by the fire.

Meanwhile, Chief of Nyinahin, Nana Amampene Twum Boateng II, who visited the scene, says any student found to have played a role in the suspected arson should be made to face the law.

He wants a committee to be set up immediately to investigate the incident.

“It’s so pathetic; why set the school ablaze when you have gone through the walls of the school? It’s unthinkable for somebody who has just passed out of the school to come back to burn the school.”

“We met the District Chief Executive (DCE) and the other stakeholders, and we decided that as early as possible, a committee should be put in place to investigate it; it’s essential,” the Chief said.

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