Mother of late Ghanaian model, Belinda Asiamah, has dismissed rumours that her daughter died through a failed abortion and has expressed concerns in Twi that people “want to use my daughter’s name to make money.”

Alluding to the growing speculations, she charged one of the managers of Exopa Model Agency, Abu Sadiq to help to clarify that the cause of Belinda’s of death is yet to be known.   

In an interview with Hitz @ 1 on Monday, Mr Sadiq spoke of his conversations with the late music video star’s mother on Sunday, August 14.

“When I got there, she was crying that people are saying a whole lot of things about the daughter, but her daughter is not like that,” he recounted.

On behalf of the late model's mother, he sought to deny rumours regarding what caused the ‘Pimpinaa’ star’s untimely death.

According to Mr Sadiq an autopsy was scheduled for the Monday morning, August 15 although as at the time of going to press no information about the autopsy has been heard.

He has known Belinda since 2012 and last saw her on June 15 at Bedouin Pool Lounge, where she was with her boyfriend and a few friends.

On Friday, August 12th, news of model Belinda Asiamah’s untimely death rocked the fashion world.

She passed on Friday evening after complaining of stomach aches for a week.

The model is known for her roles in Guru’s ‘Alkayida (Boys Abre)’ music video, as well as for playing the love interest in the video for Obrafuor’s ‘Pimpinaa,’ which featured Bisa Kdei.

Obrafuor took to Instagram on Saturday to pay tribute to the late model, saying “She was very patient and cooperative on the set of #Pimpinaa. Rest In Peace!”

Guru also paid tribute to her on social media the same day, sharing his wishes that “God keep her safe.”

The funeral will take place on Saturday, September 3, according to reports.




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