President of the Ghana Audio and Video Distributors Association, Mr. Peter Wilson Okyere says the increasing rate of piracy is forcing distributors to close down their shops.

He made this revelation while speaking on the challenges that have bedevilled the Audio and Video Distributors Association on Hitz FM's 'Showbiz Filla' with Amanda Jissih.

He said, “We are all not producing around this time and most people are running away from the business of selling music and videos to mobile phone distribution and other stuff.”

Asked why nothing has been done about the situation which has persisted for a while now, Mr. Okyere said there are executives who are being paid to run the affairs of the association but are not living up to expectation.

Piracy has existed in the Ghanaian entertainment industry for a while now with no signs of being tackled.

Mr. Okyere said, “The association sends its members to assist in arresting the pirates but after a week, the culprits go back onto the streets with the computers doing the exact thing they were arrested for.”

He also complained that corporate Ghana appears to have neglected their industry even though it contributes to the growth of the economy.