Music producer, Kaywa says he was touched when singer Mr Drew, offered to sell his car to fund a music project they were working on.

According to him, he was taken aback by this selfless act because the music project involved others apart from Mr Drew – it included other musicians who were signed on the Highly Spiritual record label.

In an interview during the private listening of Mr Drew’s first studio album The Alpha, Kaywa told Joy Entertainment’s Doreen Avio that the gesture proved Mr Drew’s dedication to the music business.

“I believe in all of them and Mr Drew proved himself. There was a time that we were hard on cash and Mr Drew has a small car and he was ready to sell the car so we put in the work. Not for himself but the Highly Spiritual project. He had lots of passion for the job,” he said.

Kaywa added that Mr Drew’s passion reminded him of when he was just an up-and-coming producer willing to climb the success ladder at all cost.

Mr Drew is currently promoting his new first studio album dubbed The Alpha.