Mrs Appiah and Oswald

The now famous Mrs Appiah, a pupil-teacher of 9-year-old Oswald Gennuh, has received a cake to go with the ‘big coke’ requested for her as part of ‘Our Day’ celebrations at Christ Ambassadors School of Excellence in Sakaman, a memorable one.

Speaking on Joy SMS on Friday, the teacher expressed surprise to hear that she was trending on social media, adding that “we’ve got lifebuoy here, and a cake from a catering service,” and other companies coming in with gifts.

This comes after Oswald had made some requests for his ‘Our Day’ in a letter to his mother.

Being the favourite teacher, Oswald requested that his mother gets a “Big coke for Mrs Appiah” and that landed her in the trends.

According to Mrs Appiah, although Oswald does give her tough times, she sees him as a son, noting that he is a smart young boy too.

“I can say he’s a bit troublesome, doesn’t sit in class, always roaming about in class but then I found him as one of the children that I can take as my own, take good care of him, love him so that at least some of the things he is doing he would put a stop to that.

“Oswald is academically good, very good, very intelligent as well. He contributes in class, he asks questions in class whenever a teacher comes in to teach,” she said.

Mrs Appiah was not only happy about the trending news, she was equally shocked to hear that Oslwald considered her, his favourite teacher.

“Surprisingly, I don’t really know [why she was his favourite] because there are other subject teachers that come in, but I just found out that he has taken me as one of his favourite teachers,” she said.

Oswald’s letter won the heart of many individuals and companies who showed up in the school with lots of gifts to mark the day.

Mrs Appiah gets cake to go with the 'Big Coke' on 'Our Day'
Oswald’s ‘Our Day’ list letter to his mother

Mrs Appiah said the gesture from the various companies has brought so much joy, not only to Oswald and herself but the entire school.

Meanwhile, Oswald had revealed that Mrs Appiah was number one on his list because “she treats me like my mother.”

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