mSimps, a creative enterprise based in Accra, Ghana has been selected by SheTrades Commonwealth to attend a study tour in New York, USA.

The SheTrades Commonwealth project is funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID) and aims to increase economic growth and job creation in Commonwealth countries by enabling the increased participation of women-owned businesses in international trade.

The study tour aims to provide new exporters with a better understanding of the textiles and apparel market and provide guidance on how to access the American market.


Specifically, businesses will increase their knowledge of Textiles and Apparel world market – Market Strategies – How to reach international buyers – Trade shows – Textiles and apparel trends.

The target audience for the study tour are export-ready and near export-ready WOBs (Women-Owned Businesses) – SMEs working in the textiles and apparel. It includes 8 other women; Ghana – 1, Kenya -2, Nigeria – 3 and Bangladesh -2.

mSimps is being represented in New York by its Team Lead and Founder, Miss Mabel Ama Simpson.


The mSimps Story

mSimps is a woman-owned business started in 2010 with a passion worth a million. It is inspired by culture, nature and driven by innovation and creativity.

mSimps product line includes: throw pillows, handbags, laptop bags, neck pillows, leather slippers, journals, backpacks; all created from African textiles, recycled and repurposed materials which are sourced in Ghana.

mSimps believes in growing and strengthening communities and providing employable skills to individuals and nurturing upcoming talents in the creative industry.

The mSimps success story is hinged on failures, hard work, perseverance, constant engagements, feedback and most important partnerships.




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